Childcare Algoma



Observing and documenting every day moments are rich opportunities to encourage a child’s development. EarlyON Child and Family Centres calendars are created to meet the varied skill levels of the children. Careful planning is used to assist the child in developing at his or her own pace.  Early learning activities include play-based programming such as dramatic play; music; block area; manipulative area; sensory play; book and listening area; art area; science area; gross motor area; writing area, and wood working area.  Other activities include; field trips and participation in community events and holiday celebrations.  These activities provide children with the opportunity to interact with their parents, caregivers and other children to develop important learning and problem solving skills.  It is the interplay between the child and his or her world, where all of their experiences weave together.

Child Care Algoma EarlyON Child and Family Centres believe in making connections to our local community.  We recognize the cultures within our community and intentionally plan a yearly calendar of celebrations with our local cultures in mind.  From time to time, we invite local community members to participate in our program to enhance the child’s learning and help them connect to community.