Childcare Algoma

Parent Information

These programs support parents, caregivers and children so they can help build strong families and vibrant communities.  

Through the use of the Nipissing District Developmental Screen, early supports are provided to parents, giving them the opportunity to follow their child’s growth and development, examining the thirteen key developmental stages.  Based on screening results and with appropriate consents, we provide families with a path to services, customized for their specific requirements, through the “No Wrong Door” digital referral system.

A partnership with the Canadian Red Cross helps to ensure that families have access to nutritional food.  Our programs introduce the Community Kitchens to families where low cost, nutritious meals for families are prepared, while learning about nutrition, safe food preparation, budgeting skills and important social connections.

Our programs introduce the Community Gardens to families by teaching the families about responsibility for the preparation, planting and well-being of a garden.  This activity supports, nutrition and healthy eating, practical life and social skills.

The Healthy Baby Healthy Brain resources are designed for future parents and for parents of children aged zero to three. Early Years staff facilitate interactive workshops using these resources to offer practical suggestions to support children’s brain development.  When babies feel secure, they are more able to learn from their environment. Key messages are presented regarding prenatal health, parent role, developmental milestones, attachment, everyday play, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy routines.

Our programs support breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.  La Leche League Canada ~ Sault Ste. Marie Breastfeeding Support Group mentors and supports new mothers who may be experiencing breastfeeding challenges. Breastfeeding support services are held regularly in our programs.  

Based on the importance of attachment, we support the Babywearing of Algoma which is a volunteer group of parents who love to carry their babies close from the newborn stage through toddlerhood and beyond.  Drop-ins are welcome at monthly meetings.

Using the NutriSTEP screening tool, our trained staff conduct early screenings for children’s eating habits.  NutriSTEP is a very important screening tool that helps us to not only raise awareness and knowledge about healthy eating, healthy weights and physical activity, but also to identify issues before they become serious or cannot be reversed, and to refer those that are at risk to appropriate assessment and treatment.

Jigga Jump uses music to engage young children in fun, physical activities, while providing an opportunity for children and parents to be active together, fostering the development of healthy relationships. 

“Have a Ball” A Toolkit for Physical Activity and Early Years was designed to raise awareness about the importance of regular physical activity and healthy eating in children aged zero to six, and to help strengthen physical activity programming in early learning and child care settings in Ontario.