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Ontario Non-Profit Celebrates 25 Years with Rebrand


In celebration of their 25th anniversary, ndds, a North Bay-based non-profit organization, is proud to announce a new parent-friendly name and look for their signature developmental checklist. Since 1993, ndds has been helping children worldwide reach their developmental potential by providing an easy-to-use checklist that encourages interaction between parents and health/child care professionals.

The new playful, friendly name—the Looksee Checklist—reflects the simple, approachable quality of the product to appeal to even more parents. The series of checklists follow a child from 1 month to 6 years of age and provides a short list of yes or no questions about the child’s abilities along with tips to help them grow. The checklists are available in a variety of languages and formats including a redesigned, user-friendly website at

18 months is an important milestone in your child’s development.

Please click here for the 18 month checklist