Childcare Algoma



Child Care Algoma is a non-profit agency dedicated to being a leader in providing quality programs which support healthy early childhood development.


It is our vision to play a critical role in strengthening the foundation for learning, behaviour and health of children for future success. Through environments that foster active learning, autonomy and sense of responsibility, security and belonging, Child Care Algoma will provide children with opportunities that support social competence, cognitive development, language development, physical health and well-being, communication and general knowledge. Through education and resources we will provide parents and caregivers of young children the necessary skills to promote positive parent/child relationships within the family and the community.


  • We believe that research is an integral part of the planning of programs and the implementation cycle.
  • We believe in quality care and education designed to meet the needs of children and families.
  • We believe in accessible and affordable child care programs.
  • We believe in a safe and friendly environment for children, parents, staff and visitors.
  • We believe in an atmosphere of harmony, trust, friendship and warmth that encourages children to learn as individuals.
  • We believe in support and guidance for those who are caring for young children.
  • We believe in opportunity for professional development and to recognize staff accomplishments.
  • We believe in effective lines of communication.
  • We believe in an enthusiastic approach to the role each individual plays as a member of our team.  
  • We believe in the development and implementation of program/service enhancement to meet the growing needs within the Algoma District
  • We believe in programs, services, resources and funding to meet the needs of our community and industry.