Childcare Algoma


Previous to 1982, needs were identified that our community was lacking Child Care and family programs for families with infants, toddlers and school age children

1982 – Sault Ste. Marie Day Care Services was incorporated as a non-profit organization and the aim was to provide child and family services. The Co-operative first opened its doors in 1983 from an office front on Queen Street. Through a onetime grant from the Ministry of Community & Social Services, Private Home Day Care spaces were introduced

The Co-operative identified the desire to continue the services on a larger scale as well as expand services to include some center based programming

1983 – Private Home Day Care was opened from a Queen Street Office

1984 – Resource Centre/Toy Lending Library/Drop In opened with one time funds.  The Cooperative identified the desire to continue the services they now provided on a larger scale as well as expanded the services to include some centre-based programming

1986 – The Province of Ontario, announced approval of funds to expand existing services. With this announcement of capital funds came a commitment for ongoing operational funding which included the provision for subsidized spaces

1988 – Dacey Road Child Care Centre opened, licensed for 32 spaces

1989 – Before and after School program opened, licensed for 30 spaces

1991 – Approval of $560,000 in Capital funds was received to build the second location (1600 Queen Street).  This capital project included space for child care as well as accommodation for administration support to Private Home Day Care. (Currently known as Home Child Care)

1992 – Queen Street Child Care Centre opened and expanded the child care spaces available as well as provided accommodation for the Private Home Day Care Home Visitors

1993 – Sault Ste. Marie Day Care Services expanded Child Care services to meet the needs of the community of Thessalon and surrounding areas. (Jobs Ontario Initiative)

1994 – The Thessalon program was expanded to relocate to the Algoma Manor

1994 – School Age program for children ages 9-12 as well as a summer program opened at 1600 Queen Street

1994 – An idea t enhance current services by offering a unique inter-generational program which would bring together seniors and children of different economic backgrounds within one facility was approved within the Algoma Manor, Thessalon Ontario

1995 – Sault Ste. Marie Day Care Services operating name was changed to Child Care Algoma to include the district of Algoma

1997 – Le Carrousel Des Amis was assumed by Child Care Algoma (April) to provide French language services for licensed child care and a family resource centre

1997 – Child Care Algoma assumed responsibility for the French language licensed child care and Family Resource Program, Le Carrousel des Amis   

1998 – Station Mall Family Resource Program was opened to make services more accessible to families in the downtown area ,  funded by the Sault Ste. Marie and District Social Services Administration Board

1998 – School Readiness programs became available at 148 Dacey Road.  An extension of the child care program

1999 –  Opened the R.M. Moore Child Care Program. This partnership with the Algoma District School Board opened opportunity for child care services in the Prince Township/West end of Sault Ste. Marie

2001 – CCA became the sponsor for the Community Action Program for Children (CAPC) and the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CNPN) for the Central Algoma district funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada

2003 – Ontario Government announced Child Care Algoma as the lead agency for the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC).  The official grand opening was June 24, 2003.

2003 – Le Carrousel Des Amis relocated to Notre Dames des Ecoles School located on North Street

Child Care Algoma continues to work with the Francophone and Aboriginal community to ensure OEYC/Best Start services are linguistically appropriate and accessible

2007 – CCA received capital funding  through the Best Start initiative to renovate and opened new Child Care programs located within four schools within the Algoma District – East View (SSM), Parkland (SSM), St Joseph IS (Algoma) and Echo Bay (Algoma)

2008 – Child Care Algoma re-opened the OEYC/Best Start Hub at its new location of 102 Wellington Street East in Sault Ste. Marie. Today we offer a range of programs and variety of activities

2010 – Child Care Algoma introduced new infant programs at our 1600 Queen Street East and 148 Dacey Road locations

2012 - Child Care Algoma re-opened the OEYC/Best Start Hub at its new location of 16 Texas Avenue in Sault Ste. Marie

2012 - Child Care Algoma reopened the Holy Cross Before and After School program formally located at the St. Patrick’s School.  This location also includes a new toddler and preschool program.  This model follows the Provinces vision of a seamless system for children from birth to school

2013 – Purchased double lot on Shannon Road

2014 – Purchased 115 Shannon Road to secure parking adjacent to 1600 Queen Street

2015 – Opened 6 space infant care at 115 Shannon Road

2015 – Relocation and expansion of the Queen Street children’s playground behind the house at 115 Shannon Road

2017 - In March we received a license to operate an Extended Day Program at F.H. Clergue School

2017 - Child Care Algoma opened up a new location at St Basil's Catholic School

2018- In September we began to offer infant care at Parkland School Site, as well as, increased infant spaces at Dacey Road

2019 - Grand View School Site offers an Extended Day Program for Kindergarten and Primary/Junior School Age children

2019 - In July, we began to operate EarlyON Mobile Services -the first of its kind in Northern Ontario

2019 - September 2019 an Extended Day Program opened at Queen Elizabeth School.

2021 - Child Care Algoma opened up a new location at Rosedale

They are:

Centre Based Infant Care

• 148 Dacey Road, SSM

• 115 Shannon Road, SSM

• 250 St. Geroges Avenue East, SSM

• 54 Amber Street, SSM

• Stanley Street, Thessalon

• 90 Chapple Avenue, SSM


Centre Based Toddler/Preschool Care

• 148 Dacey Road, SSM

• 1600 Queen Street, SSM

• 16 Texas Avenue, SSM

• 1272 Base Line, SSM

• 75 Arizona Avenue, SSM

• 54 Amber Street, SSM

• 600 North Street, SSM

• 250 St. Geroges Avenue East, SSM

• Echo Bay Public School, Echo Bay

• Thessalon Public School, Thessalon

• 90 Chapple Avenue, SSM

School Age Learning and Care Programs/Extended Day

• 3924 Queen Street, SSM

• 16 Texas Avenue, SSM

• 1272 Base Line, SSM

• 75 Arizona Avenue, SSM

• 54 Amber Street, SSM

• 80 Weldon Avenue, SSM

• 600 North Street, SSM

• 250 St. Geroges Avenue East, SSM

• 161 Denwood Drive, SSM

• 139 Elizabeth Street, SSM

• Echo Bay Public School, Echo Bay

• Thessalon Public School, Thessalon

French Child Care/Extended Day Programs and Services

• Programme Parascolaire; 600 North Street, SSM

EarlyON Child and Family Centres

• 102 Wellington Street East, SSM

• 16 Texas Avenue, SSM

• 54 Amber Street, SSM

• 600 North Street, SSM

• 250 St. Georges Avenue, SSM

• EarlyON Mobile Services

• EarlyON Outreach, SSM

Community Action Program for Children/EarlyON

• Echo Bay Community Hall, Echo Bay

• St. Joseph Island Church, St Joseph Island

• Desbarats Community Hall, Desbarats

• Bruce Mines Public School, Bruce Mines

• Thessalon Church, Thessalon

Our agency has settled in and seen expansion through its lifetime. We have made significant success in aspiring to our objectives which are:

  1. To provide care and education for young children through programs promoting their physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth, and
  2. To provide opportunities for family life education through parent participation in programs and other activities of the organization

The Early Years Report, April 1990

" A key conclusion of the Early Years Study is that families - children and parents - from all socioeconomic groups in our society need support if Ontario is to improve children's outcomes in learning, behaviour and health over the life cycle. The evidence from neuroscience and child development studies is clear: the first years of life are crucial in setting a good foundation for each child's future."