Childcare Algoma


The Early Literacy Practitioner conducts professional development sessions with the early years educators in the community.

1. The Importance of Early Literacy & Numeracy

  • Recent research and resources related to early literacy and numeracy
  • Early Literacy and numeracy milestones

2. Literacy Frameworks for Early Learning

  • 10 areas of early literacy development
  • Frameworks including ELECT, The Kindergarten Document, Hanen’s ABC and Beyond
  • Tools including the Early Literacy Checklist, ECERS-E, Nipissing Screening Tool

3. Oral Language

  • Speech and language milestones
  • Impact of screen time on language development
  • Value of home language
  • Strategies for promoting oral language development

4. Reading Aloud with Children

  • Roles educators play in reading aloud with children
  • Dialogic reading and Hanen’s E & P Ways of Reading
  • Books for ages and stages

5. Phonological Awareness

  • Continuum of phonological skill development
  • Strategies for phonological skill development
  • Music and rhyming

6. Dramatic Play and Literacy

  • Continuum of dramatic play development
  • Development of literacy and math skills through dramatic play
  • Creating literacy-rich opportunities and providing support