Childcare Algoma


Literacy is crucial to a child's lifelong health, behaviour and learning. Research has also concluded that literacy skills are established early in life. The literacy initiative is designed to strengthen, support and promote effective literacy and language development for families of children from 0-6 years of age.

The Early Literacy Practitioner’s role is to support, strengthen, monitor and promote early literacy and language development in the community. 

Services include:

*Visits to community partners and programs to offer support, provide resources and develop tailored training workshops for professionals working with families, from drop-in programs to child care centres

*Offer on-site program evaluations and recommendations

*Work within the principles of the Ontario Early Learning Framework and Full-day Early Learning Curriculum

*Refer families and practitioners to community programs and support services

*Train professionals and parents on early learning and early literacy concepts

*Use current data to guide training workshops and resources being developed

*Provide research materials and a reference library on early learning and early literacy issues